KERA 11/07 ♥ sharing my favorites ♥ & Shoes Master 11/05

Good morning dear readers

Thank you very much for letting me know your opinion about GAL x VISUAL KEI !!
It's great to see that most of you seem to agree with me~

Ah well now onto the main topic of this post:

キラキラMonthly KERA spamキラキラ

LOVE the colors of the cover, but...I don't like that model.

This shot is amazing!!!
LOVE everything!!
&& wish I could go out like this, haha~

Monthly Miku spam this time he's a punky school boy~

This girl looks super elegant...wow.

Wonderful coord
Not really the kind of outfit I would wear, but I would love to see this on street!!

Yep, definitely an outfit I would wear. Completely. Especially the yellow doc's.
(Why the hell is yellow turning me on so much these past months?)

Don't like the outfit, but..her hair.
KERA never fails to surprise me.

Well I didn't choose a lot of fav's for this month's KERA, so I thought.
"Why not sharing fav's of another magazine, too?"

This time it's SHOES MASTER !
I love and respect the super weird shoe's Japanese people seem to be in love with.

Great cover, so simple

10th anniversary
Kutani-yaki X MADFOOT!
Like these a lot
I don't own a lot of matching clothes...but I would totally wear them.

One can never have enough chucks, right?
Especially if they're looking super yummy

PACMAN!!!! ヽ((◎д◎ ))ゝ

And so Japanese.
[Do like the upper shoes though]

Ah.... made for me, aren't you?

...the studded shoes.
Just to imagine some shop in Germany would offer them...nobody would buy them at all.
But...I'm quite sure a lot of Japanese guys are going to wear them.
Taking a close look on Tokyo Street Fashion now.


..somewhat amazing.
And I can't tell you why.

This type of shoe is definitely a long lasting Japan trend.
And it's creepy that some Japanese are able to wear them and LOOK AMAZING.
( ̄□ ̄;)!!
Speaking about shoes....I recently fell in love with Tokyo Boppers...

I would love to own some Tokyo Bopper shoes....but...36,750円 and 29,400円 ...?

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Ephemeral by Design said...

Cute. Especially the black outfit :-)