What? I still didn't post this...? #1

Ah~ I'm listenign to a really nice ALSDEAD song right now...!
This is why I can't even think of a nice greeting...I'm sorry haha.
[ ALSDEAD – 最後の嘘 btw ]
Okay the song ended and I can talk properly now.


Due to being busy I ended up not posting a whole ton of pictures...but I really want to share them with you, so I'll try to catch up with those photos with a new blog series called "What? I still didn't post this...?".
It will be like a small bit by bit update with my personal life. (and wont include fashion hoho...)

Let's start with pictures from May!

 In Germany the temperature in May suddenly rises and therefore the number of festivals rises as well

 Idk why but I love those giant balloon heaps! When I was a kid I rarely got one because they are quite expensive though D:

During that time there has been a korean choir event and they promoted their concert with dancing at the side of the street festival:
I love how all of them were wearing sneakers

 Favorite Shot

After the traditional dance they switched to modern street dance:
 Dancing with a promotion sign!

 Penpal letters piled up and so I had to send out quite a few replies in one take!

During summer we often end up enjoying our time at this place:
 It's a kind of big garden place right behind a giant water tower.
As you can tell we are not the only ones enjoying it's atmosphere.

 Anna & me

I also got to know one of my best friends new boyfriend!!
He's living a few train stations away and Anna and me went to his place in the evening rather sudden.
 Anna's bloomy outfit that day

 Dog named Nala!! (at the friends boyfriends house)

Way back:
 I already mentioned it on twitter yesterday....I really love riding trains.

And last but not least: 
A quick shot of my cat Mio

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