Random Food-Post

Happy Panda Fortune Cookies!!
Never seen them before & totally fell in love

The inside was pretty interesting, too...
May not be funny for foreigners, but the German grammar is definitely hilarious.
I'm not able to translate it as funny as it is in german...but...the meaning may be like " You can't hold and eat a piece of cake at the same time"
We designated them as "Yoda Cookies" (Star Wars)

This picture is just for showing you my current favorite style
I'm in love with wide & long clothes

I think most of you know the game "Kingdom Hearts"..
There are certain characters named "Nobody" which is "Niemand" in German.
Last wednesday I found out that an aunt of a good friend's name is "Niemand"...
You can imagine that I totally couldn't resist to tell her the most lame jokes ever...xD

One of my favorite free time activities is to check out restaurants/bars/cafes...
[Most of my followers may have already noticed...xD]
This time: Vapiano in Mannheim
Above you can see the "red corner"
As the tables are quite small we decided to choose another corner...

Right, this one~

Here you can see my dish~
At "Vapiano" you're able to choose your favorite ingredients right in front of the cook.
I chose broad pasta with mushroom-cream-sauce and a lot of parmesan

I want to draw your attention to the first dish below the green line...
I definitely need to try that chocolate cake someday...

Instead of "death by chocolate" I chose Tiramisu and "Pasticceria" (Italian cookies)

Final result: I would definitely recommend "Vapiano"!
The dishes are great & it's not really expensive!

Yesterday we went to "MoschMosch", a new "Ramen-Bar" in Heidelberg.
Ok..I already forgot the name of the spice at the left side..but it was something spicy and I had to take a picture because of the name "Hachi".

The range of dishes is great...and I fell in love with their homemade icetea and lemonade!

The menu contains a "How to speak Japanese" part...
Jasmin, half japanese, told us that there are quite some translation mistakes...xD"
Nevertheless the idea is cute and they chose pretty interesting sentences

Last but not least:
One of my favorite stores in Heidelberg.
Loved the window and just had to share it with you


mrs.withouthime said...

wo wohnst du in heidelberg: süd, nord, west oder ost? ^^
wir fahren immer zu südwest in heidelberg, wo es gibt clarie's ist. :)

das letzte laden will ich reingehen! *O*

pupsi said...

.. tolles outfit ! ich kenne zwar ähnliche an dir. aber ich mag das ja.

oh ja vapiano is toll ! <3 gott wie gern ich jetz deine speisen hätte ! die nudeln sin so gut !

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Very interesting photos and descriptions. It is interesting to see what it looks like there. :-)

kucheen said...

jaja, lauf halt in hd rum und sag mir nix du dumme nuss ;)

PrincessRuki said...

Panda Glückskekse*__*
Sei froh das dus kühl hast.
Ich war gestern bei einer Freundin zubesuch, die hatte gefühlte 1000°C in der Wohnung