Desktop-Cleaning #2 - J-Music


Can't decide who's the most hot guy in this picture...
[..do you? haha]

Tatsuro & Yukke

Sailor Shuu

Kiyoharu's mobile strap looks like a giant pink penis..

Shigure's cat...never seen that breed OO

Shigure himself ♥ [uBugOe]
ps: I love his new blog layout

Miyavi & his beloved Lovelie, haha~
Can't wait to see how his son will look

The new Girugamesh merchandise!
Definitely need it...especially that mirror/brush

Shoxx Glitter Pop with Teruki
2nd thing I need to buy next month xD

Seems like Nii won this time xD
[it's a blog insider]

Girugamesh tummy....no comment.

His look is pretty close to mine today~

Yukke & Tatsuro

Ryo trying to look as cool as Tatsuro....FAIL xDDDDD


Kanon's cosplay....trying hard not to call him a fag now, haha

Kanon again ♥ [in Paris]

omg Shuu....his body looks like a womans' in this picture...
& I have to say that he's a HOT woman xDDDD


1 comment:

Connys World said...

ach ich liebe girugämesh für ihre spasten bilder :) man die sollen gefälligst wieder nach deutschland kommen!!!!

und das bild von miyavie und seinem kind ist ja so mega süß!!!