Double-YAY ♥

Received fanclub magazine vol. 04 yesterday ♥_______♥
Miyavi is such an adorable person...

I've put in my gray circle lenses yesterday ♥
I love to wear them...especially with the gray hair now xD

Misha & Sebbl celebrated their birthday yesterday~
As you can see the room they rent was huge xX
[Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of Misha's food...haha]

Two guests with a hilarious expression...xD

Happy belated Birthday Misha ♥


Mew said...

dein bild du geiles schweinchen <3

Shia-Mei said...

mishas bestes bild eh XD

pupsi said...

.. unsere liebes - post aus japooon MAN XDDDD

schade dass ich nich da war. ja sahst scheinbar gut aus. haha