GACKT Tiny Review (Munich) & Talking about the goods

Alright, I'll start with the goods they sold yesterday:

[click on them to view in large]
The prices are great!!
It seems like they offered all of the goods, but I just show you those who were offered yesterday...
The big towel was sold out right in the start, so I don't know if they are going to offer it in Bochum...?
Well, I bought the tank top, fan & mobile strap. 35€, totally ok.
The tank top & the shirts quality is amazing! The size-sticker is including a small "dears" logo, haha. Maybe these shirts were originally dears merchandise...?
Furthermore you will notice this tiny piece of fabric which is telling you in german how to wash it and so on. Seems like they really took so much effort and printed seperate shirts for all the countries...? Not bad.

Now going to describe my trip.
Sorry for some mistakes, I got home 3 hours ago.

Yep..here you can see us before the concert started.
I was nervous like hell...happy you can't tell from my look.

European fans, or at least those around Germany, probably know the "Red Car".
All of the Japanese artists who came with Neotokyo's help came with this bus so far.
All of the bands had 1 bus...but yeah, Gackt had 3 of them.Haha.

The admission started exactly at 5:30 pm and to my surprise it was very decent and without any problems. I've never seen so much gals in high heels at a concert. Gackt fans definitely look different.

Around 20 minutes before the official start of the show, a tape began to play...
A tape with a voice...I think a fat black american recorded it, haha.
He was like "Good afternoon Motherfuckers!!! Are you fucking ready?! Don't take motherfucking pictures or you will get your ass fucking kicked out of the hall!!!".....I think the whole crowd had to laugh hard.
5-10 minutes before the show started another tape with the big american began to play, now he was saying stuff like "Just 10 more minutes Motherfuckers!!! Keep your fucking smile in your motherfucking face and stay tough!!". No words. Be prepared to laugh a lot if you're going to see Gackt during the Euro Tour.

Oh and one more thing: The music who was playing during the time we had to wait was classic music.

Exactly at 7 pm the show started. Gackt and his boys went on stage in about 10 seconds.
I wasn't even prepared to get to see him so fast and without a big show. He just went on stage and began to sing. Wow, it was so unreal...
And omg...he was looking great. Right at the start I wasn't able to do more than stare.
He had one half of his hair braided and you all probably know how great he is looking with braided hair. His appereance was just amazing, really.
He wore this "Black pants-white shirt-black tie outfit. Basically he was looking like a stripper.
Right during the 2nd song his shirt went transparent and he began to dance like a professional stripper while he sang dybukk.
A few songs later he totally went into the professional stripper mood and spinned his tie around and pulled the shirt off his body.
People who are standing in the front: be prepared, he is going to throw a lot into the crowd: Lots of bottles, his buttons, tie, shirt, drumstick...almost everything.
During the whole show he was dancing like a stripper, headbanging like crazy, throwing stuff to the people, smiling and singing like a god.
He even went to help his drummer boy to play the drums during one song...It was great to see him on drums.
In any case I loved the way he was interacting with his band...they seem to be really close and as soon as Gackt began to stagger these boys came to help him.
Talking about staggering Gackt...it felt horrible to see him so weak.
It was very hot & he was acting like a crazy 20-year old guy so I can understand that he was exhausted. But....he even fell on his knees a few times and staff + band had to hold him. Very strange feeling...I hope he is going to rest today.

Now my personal highlight:
The end...he came back for a encore, sang a song & talked to us.
Even Gackt was like "Fuck fucking fuck Motherfucker" the whole time btw.
We had to scream "fuck fuck fuck fuck" or "YFC" the whole time.
During the encore he noticed that we are not even thinking about an end and everyone was screaming and clapping like crazy.
He stood on stage and we were able to read his mind which was probably like "Holy fuck...these German people are screaming for me so much...Omg...they really love me"
He had such a big smile in his face..unbelievable. His shiny white teethes were blinding us.
Gackt was enjoying an applause that I've never seen/heared ever before.
I went to a lot of concerts so far...but this applause...holy shit. It was amazing.
Plus it seems like he was more than surprised, too.
He stood up there like the happiest guy in the world.
As soon as he remembered that he can speak, he said a lot of kind things, enjoyed another huge applause and went off stage.
His band guys enjoyed a lot of applause, too. They did a great job!! Nuh, "great" is underestimated...they are amazing.
Especially Chacha was rocking like the greatest stage whore and went off the stage at last.

All in one this show was far more than amazing.
I can't even put it in words.
My Gackt addiction is definitely back now...haha.

Once again sorry for mistakes, I'm half asleep xD.

During and after the show there was a storm outside & we totally crashed into it.
All of us were looking amazing xDDDD
[Look at my face xDDD smiling like a child]

Be prepared to get pictures like this if you buy the photobook.

Furthermore we got to know 5 very nice girls ♥
I have to contact them as soon as possible..but first I have to go back to bed now xD

Good night ♥

& to the fans who are going to see him in the next days: Have fun ♥ this will be one of the best concerts of your life


JJ said...

Ah ich schreib a grad meinen Bericht xDD
Der Mann war so unheimlich perfekt!!!!!!

AZURA said...

omg omg omg~ *__*
i'm A LITTLE excited right now! XD
(er tanzt wie ein stripper..? HELL YEAH~ XD)

mich wunderts ja, das es doch so viel merch gibt, aber okay..jetzt weiß ich wenigstens, wie viel geld ich in etwas dafür einplanen muss! XD

Connys World said...

ah was für ein geiler bericht. man mir ziehts vor aufregung schon den ganzen morgen in den magen und jetzt noch mehr. ich kanns ja gar net mehr abwarten ^^ ich hoffe bei uns in bochum läuft auch alles gut. danke für den tollen bericht ^^

Ina said...

hey danke für deinen bericht. vorallem wegen den tourgoodies. ich wollt die ganze zeit schon wissen, WAS es gibt und wieviel alles kostet!^^
ich hoffe auch, das es in bochum mindestens genauso toll wird.
oh man ich bin total aufgeregt!!! *hibbel*

pupsi said...

.. NEID ! aber schön, dass es so toll war für euch ! man erwartete ja anderes.. gute, alte fans <3

Traumfrau said...

der bericht ist toll und lässt mich wieder in liebe schwälgen *3* <3
ein neues/altes gacktfangirl ist geboren..!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

(das lied wo er gestrippt hat wir übrigens "dybbuk" geschrieben laut dem crescent album xD""""""<3)