Frankfurt ♥

 Yesterday we went to Frankfurt ♥
Our plans:Shopping & Food! xD (what else..?)

 Shia in front of Frankfurt rail mainstation ♥
Koko, Artur & Mew were there,too...but as they are pretty cam-shy sometimes you'll just see Shia today xD

 I'm afraid of heights...but you can see my weak peace-sign xDD I did it!

 I neeeeed to buy those panties someday!! Definitely!!!! ♥

 Shia trying on a cute penguin bath robe ♥

 After shopping we went to the Japanese restaurant "Mangetsu"
As you may tell I ate Gyouza & Onigiri ♥
Oh and the glass is filled with Calpis, haha (*___*)♥

 Shia, Koko & Artur ate Ramen, so I had to take a picture...xD!

 Dessert: Taiyaki ♥ so delicious

About 10 hours from the start of our trip we were looking & acting like zombies, so we decided to head back home..xD

 Shia & me bought Häagen Dazs ice cream ♥
[it's so expensive...but we just had to xD]

I'll blog about the things I bought later ♥

Have a nice sunday ♥


~アストリド~ said...

waaaaahhh ich will den bademandel !!!!!!!!!
wie teuer war der?

Anonymous said...

der hat nur 8 € gekostet *______________*

ich habe kringel im gesicht hihi ♥

Anonymous said...

wah die schlüppa sind toll *__*
wo gibts die denn???

pupsi said...

"aufd er rückfahrt trafen wir maxi.. die eigentlich hätte dabei sein müssn.. aber verschlafen hatte, die dumme kuh. "

Kuro said...

Oh die sachen sind ja niedlich. *__*
Wo gibts die? °O°