Yesterday my lips felt a bit rough so I was like "I need to buy lip balm!"
This time I didn't choose a usual balm...I thought I could try one of MNY's.
Good choice ! It's not sticky & it glimmers a bit ♥
[& it's cheap! xD 1,45€]

 Maybe you remember that I'm working at a warehourse currently..
Well, we're reycling stuff from ROCHE (Some of you may know this company).
Sometimes their lab does mistakes & we get stuff we usually shouldn't...xD
The thing above is a good example - DNA master?!
Wtf...it was used.
I'm curious...

 Yesterday a "DSDS" casting truck stood in Mannheim xD
It's a popular casting show in Germany.
I'm looking forward to see these stupid people who entered it on TV...

 Today Maxi & Shia are going to visit me ♥
We need to complete some handicraft work for our Cosplay...haha.

 Jun Komori ♥

 Teruki currently has a crush on K-ON...
Even his keyboard is showing off his love..wtf xD

[It's Satoshi - Girugamesh]

Jun again...
I really love her for not being a typical model ♥


Naka said...

very cute keyboard and zomg love the last photo ^^

Naka said...

im glad you like the sweets ^^ and im following u on twitter :D

JJ said...

ich liebe das bild von satsoshi

btw. danke für deine desktopleerungen, dadurch das ich in den USA hock und eigentlich 7 tage die woche 10 stunden arbeite krieg ich einfach nichts mehr mit und mit so was bleib ich wenigstens halbwegs auf dem laufenden v.v'
vielen vielen dank <3
[sry wollte ich nur mal los werden xD]