Fake hair & Beyoncé HEAT Sample

 On saturday I tried to use fake hair to improve my hairstyle xD
Well you know just a small part of my hair is long...so I have to use some tricks to wear hairstyles like this one~
Luckily the long part of my hair looks almost exactly the same as the fake hair does, so you can't really tell the difference ♥
Maybe I'll take a closer picture of fake hair & real hair to show you the not really existing difference xD

Last week I got a free sample of Beyoncés new parfum "HEAT"
I tried it the day before yesterday & really liked it for the first 10 mins...
...but as the time passed by I began to feel sick & hate that smell, haha.


VeRockNica said...

Den Unterschied zwischen deine Haare und den falschen Haaren sieht man echt nicht! ;) Sie "stehen" dir gut! ^^
Den Duft hab ich noch nirgends gesehen, aber falls es mir mal über den Weg läuft werde ich mal dran schnuppern. :D

Shanna said...

Ahhhhhh tony tony chopper anhaenger ahhh mein lieblings anime *_*

pupsi said...

.. aufn fotos siehts schonmal toll aus !

Anonymous said...

ich mag die fake haare : D
sieht gut aus !