K-ON Make Up & Yuuki [Lycaon] lips ♥

I don't know what you think about Yuuki's lips, but I think they are amazing. xD
Today I tried to make my lips look like his...

Unfortunately my mobile cam always changes the color of pictures...gah.
The color of my lips was originally red (=___=)

Here I put on some glitter, in real life it was looking waaaay better (;____;) damn mobile cam

Ok so let's go to the funny part of this post:


In episode 26 HTT are wearing unique make up to welcome Azu-nyan...
Take a look at their eyes.



[Don't take this post too serious please xD]


☆ digi (。◕‿◕。) said...
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☆ digi (。◕‿◕。) said...

haha das makeup ist ja genial XD

☆ digi (。◕‿◕。) said...

haha das makeup ist ja genial XD

センヤ●Sano said...

oh gott schatz du siehst so freakig aus XD

mrs.withouthime said...

haha, das make up ist witzig xD ~

pupsi said...

.. wie wunderschön ! XDDDD

boahh ja der is so hammer. lippn sin eh was gutes.. aber ich verrate dir was.. SILVESTER MOTHERFUCKER !!!!

Mate's Besitzerin said...

Lol xDDD