New shopping center "Rhein-Galerie" in Ludwigshafen ♥

On wednesday I went to the new shopping center "Rhein-Galerie" in Ludwigshafen.

Ludwigshafen was filled like never before & there are animals from primitive times everywhere.
As you may see Mew, Maxi & Traumfrau had a lot of fun with this one...xD

This is the entry...pretty huge, hm?
Everyone who knows Ludwigshafen won't believe that there is something like that now, haha.

Entrance hall~

a KIKO store!!!!!
I knew this store from several blogs, but....

...it's amazing!
I'm going to loose a lot of money there!!

Desigual shop ♥
Pretty expensive..but I like some of their clothes.
Though I prefer "missing Johnny".

Huge dm. (drugstore).

Thalia (bookstore) &"Idee" (handicraft shop)

Lots of fast food shops~
[I'm going to test some of them! xD]

Looking forward to the opening of Hollister California!!

Typical asian food at Ichiban.

Their range is quite wide & they even offer Gyoza with a great filling ♥

You can either eat at the in- or outside.

Sign: fat extractor!! xDDDDDDDDDDDD

Oh & I got some great news ♥
Yesterday was my last day at the horrible warehouse job ♥♥♥
&& I ordered tickets for JACK IN THE BOX 2o1o

+ I'm going to write about the stuff I bought soon ♥
[look forward to a review of kiko cosmetics xD]


pupsi said...

.. ich fand den tag ind er rhein gallerie toll irgendwie~
ich freue mich mit euch jede fressbude zu testen XD oh oh und auf die smothies im "saftig grün" oder wie das ding heißt <3

und YAY wir sind arbeitslos <33



Anonymous said...

sau lustige bilder XDDD

Rui said...

wow that place was packed for the opening =0
i'll look forward to the review on kiko ^^

lol fat extractor XD

Traumfrau said...



Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

That fish in the first photo looks cool :-)

KarLo91 said...

Desigual ♥
toller laden... aber teuer T_T

Mutsumi said...
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