Desktop-Cleaning: Lick On Lycaon

I hope you all know Lycaon ♥ currently the most sexy J-Band, haha.
They had some trouble this year, but now they're starting over with a new member, Hiyuu.
Well, I didn't want to talk about the bands' biography xD just share some pictures with you:

Rito is such a camwhore...♥

Imagine you walk around Tokyo...and walk right beside such gauys, haha.

Satoshi is the best ♥ his styling...wow!

Satoshi again...

...and again.

Yuuki & Satoshi ♥
both being my favorite members of Lycaon.

You should definitely take a look at their EROS PV !

1 comment:

pupsi said...

.. ich kann mich garnich entscheidn. alle hammer. der bassist ist halt leider.. etwas sehr arg geil XD was soll man da tun ? 8B

und musikalisch sind die auch noch nicht übel <3

eines tages live <3