Desktop-Cleaning: NO MUCC NO LIFE or The tale of a mushroom and his gardener ♥

"King of Queens" told us:

"This guy is jumping on a meadow with an umbrella in his hand, he can't be gay!...Oh..wait...damnit"

Oh Yukke....♥

A few things I adore Tatsurou for:

His sense for fashion.

His talent for drawing.

His love for Yukke.

His Cat.

..& of course:

His totally unique, amazing - well it's the worlds' best - voice!!


pupsi said...

.. tatse is wirklich.. leider leider sehr sehr super~

der taschentuch yukke ;;O;; <33

und das zitat obn is so gut XD..

Ando said...

ich freu mich schon sie bald live sehen zu können **

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

I like his drawing, but I have to admit, I probably wouldn't go jumping around a meadow with a pink umbrella, lol.