Desktop-Cleaning: PIKO ♥ ピコ

 ピコ    ♥

Such a cute guy omg ♥

He started to be popular in the underground otaku scene of Japan...sung some Vocaloid songs aso.
Now he started a serious music career with Takuya (An Cafe) on guitar, Takeomi on Bass, Levin on drums & Daisuke Asakura on keyboard and is currently playing some shows with JAPAN ANIME LIVE in Europe.

He is famous for being able to sing like a men & like a woman, too.
I went to JAPAN ANIME LIVE last weekend and I can confirm it:
He really sounds like a girl...but his voice is great & so unique.
Piko sang about 20 Anime songs & had to change his voice a lot of times ♥

Pictures from last sunday:

Piko, Takeomi and Levin ♥

[Takuya in fogworld], Piko & Daisuke Asakura ♥

Takuya found his way out of the fogworld & Piko is enjoying the song ♥

....just some Piko-cuteness....♥

And now something I just had to do when taking a closer look at the photos I took...

...haha ♥

Good night.


나니 said...

LOL! The first photo made me all like 'Woahhh! Is that Kanon from Antikku???' and then the photos with the blonde guy.. I was like 'WOAHHH! RUKIIIII<3'.. but now. Ah, utter disappointment : ( boo!
Haha <3

Traumfrau said...

hahaha also takuya macht die lustigsten gesichter xDDDDDDD
Daisuke *_*.... hohohohohoooooooooo

pupsi said...

.. hahaha ja, SEI IHR BREI ?? XD <3

takeomi ist schon.. sau der kuhle hecht so.. XD

piko war LEGENDÄR ! so wie der abend LEGENDÄR war !!!!!

piko ist n riesen sympath finde ich und niedlich wie kein mädchen auf der ganzen welt XDD


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

lol, that's a guy?! I guess I'm getting too oji-san, lol ;-)