Desktop-Cleaning: Probably the best merchandise

Today I'd like to share some SADS merchandise with you ♥
I really need to raid a bank to buy everything I want, haha.

Take a look at this great shirt! xDDDD
Who else then Kiyoharu could wear something like that without looking ridiculous?

Same here, usually I would say evil horns are stupid...but they're not stupid when wearing at SADS concerts.

The seven dead sins ♥ would love to own these.

...no comment.

Oh btw, I hope all of the German Kiyoharu/SADS fans bought the recent issue of "GOTHIC" featuring SADS ♥


AZURA said...

sehe ich dort einen vibrator oder verguck ich mich da? XDXD

pupsi said...

.. JA, das IST ein vibrator <3 haha

ach ich will alles haben ! vor allem das shirt ! und ich raub mit dir die bank aus dafür !! und die zeitschrift hab ich hoho <3