♥ Tokyo Disneyland ♥ PART III

Good morning everyone

Here's Part III of my Tokyo Disneyland Report, enjoy:

Ah...the fantasy area....
I'm in love with Alice in Wonderland, so I just had to love this area and...

...we chose to eat at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall
Of course you had to line up in front of the restaurant...Japanese people seem to love waiting lines...

..took a few quick shots during standing around in line..

Amazing decoration...~
Everythings' so detailed...

The desserts!!

Happy Unbirthday!!!
Would love to eat this someday but it was so expensive...

The service uniforms are quite cute but I know I would hate to wear that hat, haha~


And this is what I chose look at the heart-shaped meat, haha~
&& the crown ♥♥

More shots of the inside:

See the guy standing with the bright jacket?
It was great to see a poor family who's enjoying Disneyland...and I mean...you could tell in an instant that those people were definitely poor. I didn't like the way the parents were talking to their kids, but...I'm quite happy to see they had a chance to enjoy Disneyland...guess it was one of their childrens' dreams..hm?

The menu in detail:
...luckily I didn't choose the most expensive Disney restaurant.

Next (&last) part coming soon

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!

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