Comiket Tokyo TV Interview 2010

Received the video some weeks ago and I just have to share some hilarious screenshots with you..

[excuse me for making dumb faces]

Well, prehistory:
We were walkind around Comiket to take some photos of those amazing Cosplays and...
..suddenly some people stopped us, asking whether they could ask us some questions and film us for tv.
[One of my friends started filming it, too~ That's why I own the video]

I didn't want to put my ear warmes off, so I just moved one side off my ear.

TV guys getting ready, too...

Look at my face...see the H E L P cry?

They were asking several questions about our relation to Anime, Manga and so on...
You can see me trying to explain everything...my friends went silent as soon as the filming started.

"Eh? What did she say?"

...seems like she said something funny.

"...did she just really say that?!"

[dumb faces ftw]

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sαchie said...

Wow that's so cool! :D you guys look great!