KERA 11/9 - Sharing my favorites ♥

....and Akira Fanservice.

Ahh...I've been super lazy this week.
Can't tell you why 'cause I rarely know it myself...~
All I want to do is eat and sleep...(=____=)

The cover seems like the boyish style is in again~

Oh but speaking about boys...

 Miku & Piko...

 ...gayness right into your face.

[please note that I love both of them - I would never offend them ]

Hmn...Banana or Apple/whatsoreverbooblikelookingfruit ?

 LOVE the color and shape
I'm kind of obsessed with super big clothing, haha~

...& super cute Dr. Martens

Akira & Ayako are both looking amazing
Why didn't I notice Ayako earlier...?

 Amazing girl really lover her style~

The haaaaiirr I want to style my hair like that someday!!

The shirts!!! I NEED the yellow one Akira is wearing!!

....and this one, too. Definitely.

...that guy is unfortunately super hot!

Oh and speaking about hot persons...
 Re:No You guys know I love her, right?
Ah...just take a look at her fhdofewtfw

Well and now onto the Akira Fanservice...
I. Need.Them.

...no comment.
Show me just one single girl who would say NO to Akira...

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