[REVIEW] BornPrettyStore Eyeshadow ♥

Good evening everyone!!!

 It's been a long time..I'm sorry again D: 
My Sparkle Baby Ande from America visited me, so I didn't have time to post ♥ 

Well...there are currently 2 things waiting for a review...
I'll share one of those today: 


Exactly 12 little jars each of them measuring 3 cm

Glitter Close Up

Shimmer Close Up


Orange, Red/Pink, Pink, Shiny Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Black
Without Glitter

Glitter Orange, Glitter Purple, Glitter Green, Glitter Black
With Glitter

 Packing             ★
(air cushion envelope )   
Shipping period  ★
(free shipping worldwide - approximately 2-3 weeks) 
Service               ★
("Thank you" Card & fast/friendly communication via email) 

(strong long staying colors )  

Product in General 
 Definitely going to use them more often!

It's worth it to check out their Twitter/facebook you'll always find some nice Giveaways or discounts.
There's also a blog where bornprettystore shares nail art & Giveaways:
And don't forget to use this code to get 5% off:
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