the rhedoric

Today I'd like to introduce a rather new band to you

[ -レドリック- ]


 Vo.雄志(yuuji) (GravityZEЯO)

Gt.TOMO (ex-DEFLOWER-->Noir fleurir-->Misery-->龍神(ryuujin)-->Deflina Ma'riage-->199X-->Chaos System, now Chicken Head(support))

 Gt.須賀勇介(suga yuusuke) (ex-Lubis Cadir-->12012, now in high-ball)

 Ba. 時雨(shigure) (ex-ACMAHEAD-->uBuGoe-->Konig(support), Annie's Black(support), chariots(support), now in ANGRAYSE, THE FUZZ(support))

[loyal readers may know his name...mentioned him quite some times]

 Dr.拓哉(takuya) (ex-Hysteric Blue, now in CATAMARAN)

Currently there are 3 songs released to download:

 第1弾 1/28

 第2弾 2/18
「核壊 ~core break~」

 第3弾 3/10

Downloaded all 3 of them and fell in love immediately

3/24 they held a "rhedorical tactics" event; screenshots:


 Shigure again

And one of the reasons for my love towards Shigure:

 Yusuke noticed untied laces, kneeled down right during 'possibility' to tie it.
Shigure noticed Yusuke's little problem and..

..kneeled down immediately to help

Let me know about your favorite bands I'd like to know more about the music taste of my followers

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