Back from London! - First Day: Strolling around and the place I was staying at

I've been to London from 18th May to 21st May and I'm finally BACK

Due to the amount of photos I took during my stay I'll split them up into several posts, starting with the Departure from Germany, Arrival in England and my first steps into London City.


So well my trip was rather spontaneous and therefore my Mom (I was travelling with my Mom, Aunt and Cousin) decided to chose the most cheap Airline - Ryanair.
It was my first time fyling with Ryanair and I was quite nervous as I was used to (rather luxurious) Lufthansa flights.
Fortunately my fears were unfounded and we savely arrived in London Stanstead after approximately 1 1/2 hours.

My mobile provider switched to O2-UK, yay!
[I didn't dare to use any internet related things though; basically my phone was my "I'm too lazy to take out my camera"-camera. That's why you guys partially have to deal with low quality shots, sorry.]

 The frst thing that was really irritating me after jumping on a bus to get to London City was their left-hand traffic. I knew about it before but it surprisingly bothered me a lot, I almost got hit by 100000 cars.

Idk why but blogspot didn't want to rotate this shot.
The first thing after arriving in Liverpool Street was buying (expensive) Train Tickets and look for cheap food. A flyer led us to an Italian restaurant. I thought it was funny that they are serving Afternoon Tea. (At an Italian Restaurant...you know). I also loved our waiter, he was shouting out all of the German words he knew.

After filling our tummies with pretty delicious Lasagna we went out to stroll around and explore the nearby area.

 London Bridge!
Not really exciting, but I could spot Schoolgirls in School Uniforms and Tower Bridge!!

 I was always impressed by British Architecture but it was even better to see it right in front of my very own eyes. I love all those fence and flourishes (even though some of them were really unneccessary).

 Of course I also loved all those beautiful yards!!

 ...and the signs, haha.

 Fence again

 Pudding Lane!!!

Feet became tired and we went straight to our hotel in the afternoon (arrived in the morning btw).
Our hotel was located in Crystal Palace, which now for me is a kind of Ghetto part of London.
Just take a look at the sign right in front of the Station:

Okay, no phone for me then.
(..uh yeah I took this photo with my phone, good idea)
Also to be honest...right on the second day a pretty young boy tried to rob me!!! I was so shocked you can't imagine...luckily I noticed him early enough to show him I DID NOTICE HIM and scared him away that way...my mom saw everthing from far away and was close to screaming for help because she saw him too. Ugh. FU.

Well, back to the first arrival:

After crawling up a Hill ( I think it was Westow Hill...?) we found our Hotel (also thanks to several people telling us the right way haha).

 Euro Queens Hotel.
Looks pretty fancy from the outside, right?
Well no, it's obviously one of the most cheap hotels in London.

Even though there were two really cute houses right across the street:

 Nr. 1

& Nr. 2

Back to the Hotel

Due to being 4 persons and trying to save as much money as we could we decided to stay in a family room with 4 beds and a private bathroom. This photo may look better than the room actually was. The receptionists were really friendly but right after leaving the super small elevator we had to crawl across brittle wooden floor covered with a cheesy carpet to reach our room on the 4th floor.

 2 single beds, 1 double bed. Mine was the single bed right next to the window. Oh and of course I had the most uncomfortable mattress. It was almost impossible to open the window but we somehow managed it. 

 You can't tell from this picture but the room in general was really, and I mean REALLY, leaning. You could basically glide from the window/closet side to the bathroom.

The stylish mess right next to my bed

The comparatively nice view

I only had my handbag with me and I couldn't bring Shampoo, Shower Gel, Hairspray and stuff like that from home so I went straight to next supermarket:

 I'm an official Sainsbury's fan now, haha.
All of the products shown above were store brand products and I really enjoyed all of them. 

Oh btw I can show you the cheesy carpet I was talking about earlier:

Duduuun~ the Hotel Lobby.

They had free wifi there so I was lazing (this time on the floor because the Lobby was completely full) around in the lobby whenever I had time.

 Cute shoes I had spotted while chilling on the floor.

 And a cute bee that was waiting right next to me at the Bus Stop.

Ok so I'll stop writing here for now.

The next London post will probably feature China Town, so stay tuned


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