28th July - Meeting Gizzy in Hamburg ♥ [Hamburg Dom, Sternschanze & Sofabar]

Good evening

My trip to Hamburg seems to be so far away already...but I still have 2 posts left!!
Sooo today I'd like to talk about the first part of my last day in Hamburg

I guess you guys know that these shoes are my favorites. I'll have to buy new ones soon though...my dears seem to die soon...(T^T)/
Looking at the picture on the right side makes me miss my long hair...I went to a hair dresser last thursday and I'm completely unsatisfied. I mean...the cut itself is really nice & I even told her to chop off a lot. But...I regret it. A lot.

My mom and the rest of the family went to Burger King. Wise me only ordered Tea though. Do the Burger King stores at your place hand out bubble gum with each meal, too? (It's a kind of promotion gag for Wrigley's)

Speaking about being wise when it comes to food...
Surprise Egg!
Aloha Timon & Pumba

The weather in Hamburg changed a lot, unfortunately it has been rainy almost all day long.
But! I met a girl named Gizzy. [Check out her blog]
Got to know her through one of my close friends, Senja .

Our first goal was:
Hamburger Dom !
A fun fair which takes place for several weeks in Haburg 2~3 times a year.


Horror House

Well done places for food

Creepy Clown D:

Roller Coaster

Magic Strings!!

Fake Beach including Belly Dancers

(it's fruits covered in chocolate and/or glacé)

Transformers (°O°)

Fun House

Another Horror House:
Nice deco


After 'Hamburger Dom' we went to a café....
...passing a flea market...
..and a small live house where Japanese bands usually play when touring in Germany.

The Café:

It's a 'Couch Café'.
Several sofa are almost randomly placed in a huge room.
You can tell most are probably bought at flea markets, but I loved the atmosphere they exuded.

Gizzy had KiBa (Cherry & Banana Drink)

While I had a cold Chai Latte

Gizzy & I
(well yeah...I mentioned it was raining, right?)

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