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Good evening everyone!

Life is being mean, I caught a cold D:
Well, let's talk about more happy topics!!

Do you guys remember my American penpal Ande has been visiting me in Spring?
Well, she came to visit me again in August

Let's take a look at some photos:

whiskas, a well known company for cat food in Germany, was giving away small gift packages...thanks to Ande and Mew I received several packages, haha thanks!
Right picture shows Mew & me waiting for Ande who is trying some clothes at Vero Moda

Sashi and Ande dressed up as Lolita as we went to a popular park in Mannheim, Luisenpark.
I only took this picture of a sign that says something like "Don't feed, just look"
(check out Ande's blog for more photos she had her camera with her)
Photo on the right shows a Sailor Moon-y shoe Ande tried in a store!!!

Maxi taking photos of Ande in a train

One day we went to Düsseldorf. Ande wanted to meet Sui & Thanh Thao
There was a Gyaru Meet at the same day, so I happened to snap a photo~

At the store right behind those Gals I got to buy another figure of my beloved Gekko Moriah:

The one in the middle

One of Sui's friends took a backstage photo of us posing for Purikura~
I really like that shot, so I asked Sui whether I could upload it over here at my blog; she agreed


..picture on the left isn't a purikura, as you can probably tell (haha)

(photo credits to Ande)
I'm looking quite strange, but she's looking cute~ so I had to include this shot!!

I know we will be meeting again

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