Friends + Food = Happy Me [Tokyo Post]

Good evening everyone (well, at least for those living in Europe)

This post will be a time jump back to January!
It's the last one about January though, so don't worry haha.


Went to my favorite Izakaya in Shibuya to have some Nabe

I don't know why but every time I've been out with guys wearing glasses they made me wear them too.
I look rather...stupid, haha.
This time I also came to like Natto!!! This guy put it on rice and fried it, yum

Still the same night guys!
I don't remember the name of this Bar in Harajuku but it had a quite cool atmosphere. There was a club right next to it too.

Though we decided to spend the rest of the night at one of my favorite bars back in Shibuya and had early breakfast right across the street. Mine's the tiny Gyudon btw. Manly men had the big plates haha.

01/20 - back then I was able to cook at home as I had a rather big kitchen
01/21 - my birthday! Sunny birthday actually!!!

Still my birthday met Momo (1st time!!!) in Harajuku to have Dinner & Starbucks
We've actually only met this one single time but I hope to see you again soon!!

01/22 - I got this wonderful Haru (FREE!) pillow and my roommate Laura had way too much fun with it
01/23 - this is what you drink in the evening (holy shit how much I already miss those damn convenvience stores)

01/23 continues:

 Laura, Katha (fellow intern at my company), a guy that was looking like HIMYM Marshall & I went to one of the HUBs in Shinjuku

Also met this guy later that night...he's a patissier in Roppongi and helped us finding our (last) train!
Thanks a lot!

Same night: Laura & me being pretty at a station's toilet
Recolored my hair 2 days after!

01/25 - spotted these cute Mascots while having breakfast in Harajuku

Went to Tabata to see one of my penpals & her son (still 01/25)
01/26 - fiiiinaaalllyy got myself a MINT NEKO bag!!!

 Oh, 01/25 didn't end yet!
Also had delicious Shabushabu with Laura & two other friends

Loved how different those two were looking, even though they are best friends.

Same night!
Masa & I on the left side and Me wearing his glasses on the right haha~

 01/26 - spotted this in the middle of Shinjuku, no comment needed

And some more selfmade food
(yes, I actually enjoy cooking)

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