Happy February

I changed the Layout of my Blog and I hope it's becoming a little bit more mobile friendly this way! Please let me know whether you experience any problems while viewing my Blog

So I tried to show my different looks and interests with this new header - I wonder whether I did a good job though lol
The huge drawing on the left side is supposed to look like me, drawn by one of my Twitter followers I like it a lot and I always wanted to give it more credit 
The small pictures on the right side show food, a (MUCC) live and my suitcase the last time I travelled. Simply because:

  • I love cooking and eating
  • I love lives and listening to music in general
  • I love travelling
It was kinda hard to choose the pictures showing myself...but I hope new readers will get that I'm into Make-up, dressing up & Cosplay (also included a normal looking one because hey - that's what I look like most of the time).

How has January been going for everyone? Did you set any resolutions for 2016?

Actually I didn't think about any resolutions for 2016 myself...the only thing I am still trying to realize is stop buying black clothes only lol. And I think I am doing a good job so far!
In other news: I am now in a relationship it has been going on for a while, but I didn't feel like "announcing" it yet.

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