Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone

Kinda hard to pick just one xD

Malice Mizer - Syunikiss

Reminds me of my last showgroup, Katsuai / Shin-Katsuai ♥
This song was one of our first selfmade projects.
[Kiyo & me made it♥]
We were looking for a song that could match with dolls..so Malice Mizer's music was just the right thing.
We even had the chance to show it on stage at the German anime convention Connichi ♥
[And some more conventions, but Connichi is well known xD]

Enjoy ♥


Shanna said...

aww malice mizer hab ich damals auch oft gehört ♥

shihoco by PLadge said...

OMG!Thank you for sharing great video!!
I really loved this song! and I'm still a fun of Gackt.

And, you do like mens knuckle models?? Ryoma Saigami is so cool.XD

pupsi said...

.. das war so schön. das zu tanzen und das lied erinenrt mich auch an die zeit.. hach

scheiße mumi ich komm nich mehr hinterheir. ich kenn ja tausend einträge nich.. ._. was is da los ._.

ich hols nach und nach nach.. haha toller satz.. ._.