..hihi ♥

I didn't tell you yet, but...
I GOT GACKT TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Received them today (♥______♥) haha~

How I got them?
I've already complained about the horrible night as they got on the market...
I stayed up until 3 am and didn't get some...the next day I had an exam. Wuw.
Right after I heared that the tickets are sold out, I cried...
..Well, I tried everything and set up on two waiting lists (neo tokyo & me-shop).
I didn't expect to get some tickets...but it was worth a try, right?

Last week I got an email by me-shop....they told me that someone canceled his order and I could have that persons ticket...WTF?!
I immediately answered and asked me-shop free and easy whether they could offer me another ticket for a friend.
I couldn't believe it...but 2 days later I got the mail "Another person canceled his order, we can offer you 2 tickets"
I mean....WTF!!!
It was like a dream...
And now...ha ♥
There are 2 Gackt tickets in my hands...♥
[Number 200 & 800]
(Oh and some days ago even neotokyo offered me up to 4 tickets)

How many tickets did they sell?
More than 1000...?
I don't know the hall...but..I was looking at their homepage and...it looks pretty small.
Can't wait for thursday now...
I'll tell you about everything (including goods) on friday ♥.

Oh and dear god...please be good-natured and don't let the heat raise over 30°C.
I'll travel by train (ICE) and I don't want to loose consciousness.
[There's an air conditioner scandal in Germany right now]

Does anyone know these flowers?
They are beautiful...♥
And they kinda look like satellites, haha~

I'll call todays coordination "Shuu Style" xDDDD♥

Oh and btw: I applied for some jobs today ♥ Hopefully one of them will accept me.


mrs.withouthime said...

die blume heißt ackerwinde und die riecht soo gut! *O*

Connys World said...

freut mich für dich das es doch geklappt hat. freust du dich auch so? ich kanns kaum abwarten. schade das du in münchen bist und net in bochum. aber wurst - hauptsache ein geiles konzert. bin auf deinen bericht gespannt.

suтεωι~ ☆ said...

uah lucky you~ :D
da hattest du echt glück dass du noch 2 karten bekommen hast ^-^

aber ich mach mir jetzt echt sorgen xD" so viele tickets wurden verkauft? X_x ich hoffe echt die Halle ist nicht zu klein...

naja auf jedenfall viel spass und ich bin gespannt auf ne review! ;D
ich hab auf gackt verzichtet, zu teuer und zuviel chaos gewesen xDD

juicy_violence said...

Na klar, übelst das Gitarren-Eis <3

Lg,anne aka. http://juicyviolence.blogspot.com/

Mew said...

outfit der liebe <3
lass uns uns paaren

Mew said...

outfit der liebe <3
lass uns uns paaren

Den~kawaii.Inu♥ said...

4 gackt tickets.. gott. xD
viel spaß wünsch ich dir aufm konzi :D
tolles outfit :D

JJ said...

Es war so unbeschreiblich perfekt!
Wo standst du?