4th July - Let's celebrate with America

As you all might know the 4th July is very special for America...
It's the Independence Day of the US!

There's a pretty big American barrack close to my town & they're celebrating a German / American Summer Fest once a year during the time of "4th July"

Above you can see both flags hauled up~

This is inside of the festival tent...
as you can see they like to decorate everything with their flag...haha
But I have to say: I love to eat "real" American food there!
BBQ Ribs ftw!

I was also able to buy Ben & Jerry's in American size...
it's way too much...I gave up at half xD"

"Go to jail"
There's the possibility to lock up your friends (or enemies, haha) in this cute cage..
...just for 2$ per hour!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4
[happened during 40 mins...]

This one looks like a kind of explosion, right?

I love fireworks

[Sorry...I'm not that talkative today, heh]

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wuhu samstag <3