Desktop-Cleaning #1 - Men's Knuckle

I have to admit that I became obsessed with Men's Knuckle....
it's just the most hilarious fashion magazine that I've ever seen.

[Just ask if you need scans btw]

Bet these foreign guys are from England! Haha
[And Kenzo in the middle looks way too cute ]

Kenzo & random guy

Party hard with Men's Knuckle Gays ....[sry xDD]

I would definitely kill for these polaroids...

Hiroshi & Kentaro [new hair (*____*)]

I wont believe anyone who says Kentaro isn't hot....xD

& here you can see a random gay guy with Kentaro xD [old hair]


Poppo kun said...

Kentaro is nich heiß XD

Paulina. said...

Can i have some of the scans?