Bought a few little things ♥

 As I told you before I bought a few things in Frankfurt.
Above you can see the stuff I bought at Primark.
It was my first time at Primark & I totally fell in love with the prices!
I paid 9€ for 4 things, yay ♥

My last visit was quite a time ago & I was surprised...
OCS Frankfurt changed a lot, but they are still as expensive as back then...
Well, as I currently don't own a lot of money I took a look at the "sales box" & found a Johnny's magazine ♥


pupsi said...

.. oh was gute sachn ;O;

Anonymous said...

oh man wieso haben wir kein primarkt??! voll zum kotzen v.v

ゆき りょ よしたか かねばき - よしだ said...

Och so tolle Sachen ;_;
Ich wünschte, in der Schweiz würde es Primark geben D:::
Argh~ wenigstens werd ich Primark in London besuchen gehen /D

Connys World said...

ah du warst im primark hab ich gesehen. hammer oder? da kann man sich totkaufen ^^