Recently seen J-Dramas ♥

Tumbling & Sunao ni Narenakute! ♥

Let's start with Tumbling...♥

Take a look at Tomo's face!!!
He's just way too cute....♥

Gayness overload xDDD
[& Tomo smiling...♥]

I fell in love with this drama & it's a pity that it's already at the end...

Sunao ni Narenakute

So dramatic...but Tetsuji's role was just...ew xD
He is good-looking and I love him, yeah...but....ew xDDD
I didn't want to see him playing a strange gay guy xDD

EITA ♥ amazing actor!!!!

Eita & Tetsuji...♥

You definitely have to watch these Dramas ♥

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PrincessRuki said...

Vielen Dank^^
Mir fällt gerade mal so auf wir schauen so ziemlich die gleichen J-Dramas^^