♥ "Back from Tokyo" Giveaway ♥

It's time It's time It's time for a giveaway~
Random stuff from a random person - everything bought right in Tokyo

It's my first giveaway & I hope my followers like the stuff I put together ♥
Tried to include something for every kind of style...~

Well, let me thank you for being my follower
I don't think I would blog as much as I do without your kind comments and my honest visitor counter, haha ♥

Let's take a look at the prizes...

♥ Big Fox Tail
♥ Coco Lulu / Co & Lu Tote Bag
♥ Duck barrette
♥ Black cross necklace
♥ Silver Heart Necklace
♥ Checked hair tie
♥ Upper & Lower Fake Lashes

♥ Rilakkuma Towel in Cup
♥ Cow-Heart mobile strap with pearls & a small ribbon
♥ Small Strawberry bag

♥ Blue Rose hair tie
♥ 3 cute Ribbon hair pins
♥ Flower earrings

♥ Glitter Teddy I got from an UFO Catcher
♥ Sweets pencil
♥ Strawberry mobile strap
♥ NANA 7 Watch [Shibuya 109-2]

This is what the fox tail looks like when wearing it.
Yes, Shuu (Girugamesh) got the same ♥.

Simple rules:

♥ You have to be a follower
♥ International Giveaway
♥ Leave a comment with your name on this post
♥ Additional entries when tweeting or blogging about this Giveaway
♥ You can use my photos to promote the Giveaway


"Comment on this post" = 1 Entry
"Comment and Tweet or Blog" = 2 Entries
"Comment and Tweet and Blog" = 3 Entries

Alright...I'll put all your names into a box and draw the winner on 14th February.

Love ♥,



Anonymous said...

Ich möchte gerne mitmachen :D

Name; suzu
blog: http://momoko-chan-x3.blogspot.com/2011/01/mutsumis-back-from-tokyo-giveaway.html

iiris said...

Name: iiris
Email: iiiiris@luukku.com

:-) ♥

~アストリド~ said...

Vielleicht bringt mir mein birthday bei der auslosung ja glück XD

Blogeintrag und twitter folgen noch XD