I didn't lose my heart in Tokyo - I lost it in Ikebukuro ♥

Alright, let's start ♥

As you may know I went to Tokyo from 26th December to 8th January.
(I'm still fighting with a huge jetlag, haha)

My first entry will be about my first day, mainly about the area I lived in and my first impression.
Furthermore I'll hold a Giveaway ♥ Going to talk about details tomorrow or the day after.

Left Germany about 2 pm and arrived at Narita Airport 11 hours later, about 9 am Japan time.
The airport was quite empty which felt very pleasant.
Had our first and last passport-check right in front of the airport, haha.
The police men didn't speak more than 3 english words, but as I've learned later 3 words in english are more than 90% of the rest of Japanese are able to say.

Well, got the cheapest way to Tokyo and enjoyed our first ride on a Japanese train.
It was...hot.
We were sweating like crazy and the heatings right under your seat didn't make it any more comfortable, haha.
Though I began to love the advertisements in trains as soon as I took a look around.
On the picture below you can see a hilarious panda bear telling you to be careful when leaving the train.
Oh and Astroboy's there, too...♥

First impression as we got out of Ikebukuro Station West Exit:
The air smells...deep fried.
Didn't notice that smell ever again, but it was the first smell that reached our noses.

Take a look at this lovely side road (Irony).
Found a blood chucking guy right around the corner, no one was going to help him.
It took around 10 mins until some students were calling the ambulance.
Side notice: Never heared such a loud and scary ambulance before.
You can hear the ambulance about 20 times a day, just in this area. Especially during nighttime.
Pretty creepy, but now it's definitely something I connect with my memories of Ikebukuro.

It was quite hard to find our hostel, we had to ask a whole ton of people.
Some offered their help without us asking them, very friendly.
The guy who was finally leading us to our hostel was a business man with the help of his iPhone, haha ♥
Checked in without problems, the employee even grabbed part of our luggage and showed us the way to our apartment ♥ Plus he pointed out that there are convenient stores and a super market right around the corner.

(Going to talk about the apartment next time ♥)

As you can imagine we were horrible tired, BUT it was our first day in Tokyo!
Don't you dare to even think about sleeping right in the middle of the day!!
Let's go Let's go, haha ♥
Met one of our good friends at the station, she's a Japanese/German mix.
And I have to admit...she was a great help. She's in Tokyo every year and kindly introduced us to shops and stuff around Ikebukuro station.

I fell in love with Ikebukuro right on the first day.

The time was running on that day...after dinner and some shopping we already had to head back to our apartment to get some sleep.

The easiest and fastest way to our apartment lead right trough an amusement area of Ikebukuro.
You totally can't compare German amusement areas and Japanese amusement areas.
There are cute/funny hosts waiting for you right at the beginning of the street.
Don't look at them too close if you don't want them to fight for your attention.
Pretty funny guys, began to love them for their stupid re-enacted fights and dancing.
Walk straight down the street and pass some creepy "Nighto Business" men looking for other men to force them to go into Girls Bars.
Pass another traffic light and you're in the (love) hotel area, haha ♥.
Just 5 mins more to our apartment now, heh.

Picture above: Hosts and a cool shop (bought 2 shirts there).

One of the amusement streets~

Ok...going to stop writing now.

Hope you enjoyed my first entry ♥
I'ts not very interesting, but it's a great memory and I hope you guys look forward to my next posts ♥

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