Interview-Tag ♥

Got tagged by Momo thank you
1// Why did you create this blog?
Uhm...to be honest...I can't remember, haha.
Mainly I'm doing this to share great memories with friends ♥

2// What kind of blogs do you follow?
Anime / Manga related blogs, some Fashion blogs, tons of musician blogs, some photography blogs...and travel blogs ♥

3// Favourite makeup brand?
I don't have a favourite make up brand, but I own a lot of products by Manhattan, p2 and essence.
[cheap products win, woohoo xD]

4// Favourite clothing brand?
I don't have a favourite clothing brand so far..I love to mix clothes from different stores ♥

5// Your indispensable makeup product?
Hmn...I'm not wearing makeup often..so this question is kinda hard for me.
Usually I'm addicted to my eyeliner pencil...nowadays I'm more addicted to mascara.

6// Your favourite colour?
Started to love neon colors again!! ♥
Buuut just combined with black, haha.
Besides I currently love gray, too.

7// Your perfume?
Usually not wearing perfume, but I owned one by Vivienne Westwood once...it's smell was amazing ♥

8// Your favourite film?
Hard to choose...argh. Mmmhnnn..~
Well, let's say "Partymonster".

9// What country would you like to visit and why?
Unfortunately I'm going to answer like almost everyone here does:
Why? It's such a fascinating country..the culture and history is unbelievable interesting and I don't know any other countries which are as controversial as Japan.
Two completely different faces packed into a glittery pink cat-addicted crater landscape.
Of course there are other places I want to explore, too. Like:
England, Ireland, America, Korea and Holland ♥

10// Write the last question yourself and answer it.
Uhm...what about your current mood?
I'm tired and hungry.
[haha ♥]

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