MUCC Munich 20 January 2011 ♥

Aloha ♥

Last thursday I went to see the Japanese band MUCC in Munich, Germany.

We (Traumfrau(Anna) & Me) had to get up at 5:30 am to get our train at 7:12 am.
Came back home pretty late on the day before, so I didn't have enough time to remake my nails.
Luckily I know how to do my nails while riding a train, haha.
It's not perfect but I just wanted my nails to fit my outfit ♥

Bluuuurry photo, yeah!

Unfortunately we had to sit down on the ground for the first hour as there were a lot of people who took the same train to Munich....buuut we were able to take a seat right after the next station ♥

Arrived in Munich around 11 am and headed straight to the Neo Tokyo store.
Mucc held an autograph session and we definitely had to grab that chance ♥
It was my first autograph session by MUCC, woohoo ♥.
Went to MUCC concerts before, sure. But I was never able to enter the autograph session.

Yukke took this photo of Tatsurou right before the autograph session started:

Tatsurous mood was unbelievable goofy, haha ♥

Well, during our stay in the queue (haha) we got to know 2 girls ♥ one came from switzerland, not bad.
One of them, Nicole , led us to an Asian restaurant to grab some food before headin' to the concert venue.

I ate a vietnamnese soup, unfortunately the look was better than the taste.

Take a look at the venue...it's called "Backstage".
You can clearly see it from one of the train stations.

...amazing colors ♥

....and this is what I got ♥
Well, I bought a MUCC calendar with drawings in Tokyo and let them sign their drawings.
Yukke was quite amused to see his own drawing in Germany...he laughed, added some lines to the drawing and signed it ♥ it's a unique print now, woohoo xD.

The concert itself was...perfect.
I'm not exaggerating, it was perfect! Really!
MUCCs mood was amazing...they smiled, laughed and talked a whole ton of German stuff.
Their English is getting better from year to year, too ♥
Tatsurou (Vocal) even taught us some Japanese ♥

On balance, it was a success.
A huge success.
I LOVED the set list.
MUCC started a party with every song - and everyone loved it.
They performed 2 hours and you didn't see even one sad face ♥

I'm looking forward to see them again ♥ hopefully soon.

Oh oh by the way...I've gained almost 100 new followers since last sunday!!
Thank you so much!! Seems like you love my giveaway, haha ♥

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