Comiket / Comic Market - 29th December Tokyo Big Sight - Part II

 Promised more Cosplay photos soon...here you go ♥

 I almost died in front of these 2 girls, haha.
Just look at them!!! It's Vocaloid (currently so popular..).

 Pokemon Gijinka ♥ very cute 
&there were a whole ton of photographers around them.
I can understand why.

 I love people who put a lot of effort into their costumes ♥.

 This one is amazing, too.
Especially the wig & skirt!

 This costume seems to be one of Christina Aguileras outfits in the new movie "Burlesque".
The woman spoke quite good English and her attendant was talking to us in fluent English.

Most of the girls were showing a lot of skin...their attendants started a countdown everytime people wanted to take pictures and after about 2 mins they covered their bodys in sheets or coats.

There'll be a 3rd part as well ♥
Stay tuned ♥

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