Akihabara ♥ MOE MOE CHUUUU

Today I'm going to talk about my day in Akihabara
Going to split it into 2 entries...the next part will be about the persons I met & the stuff I bought there ♥.

Let's begin at the station.
You can clearly see the famous Gundam Café right in front of the Electric Town Exit.

There you go ♥
Unfortunately I didn't go in, time was running, ugh.
Next time ♥

This is what the streets in Akiba look like...really impressing.

Everything is so loud, colorful and huge.

8 floors full of Anime & Manga merchandise....amazing.
Quite overfilled with Otaku people, but you can look at everything if you're patient enough.

I didn't know how to react on all the small Otaku stores...
one side is filled with Anime stuff...the other side is filled with naked Otaku Idols.
It's like..you're walking in...."Aaahh! K-ON!!!" ...then you turn around and "OMG! That girl has some creepy boobs!!" (And I'm talking about real women, not Anime women).

Akihabara by night ♥.

Cute maids advertising for several cafés and stores.

Take a closer look at the picture above...TV sets...above their heads...this is how you advertise in Akihabara, yes. Bet it's hard to walk around with a TV on your shoulders for hours...poor women.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Car!!! Amazing!!

Just 4 words:
Exciting Adult Mega Store

Traumfrau posing with a well proportioned maid.
Unfortunately I didn't notice that you can change the words in the balloon...well, Spanish is ok, too. Haha.

Akihabara was exactly like I imagined it to be, not bad ♥

Part II is coming soon ♥

PS: 106 new followers since I started my Giveaway...holy sh*t....thank you so much!!

PPS: Noticed that there are almost NO WOMEN on my Akihabara photos. Speaks for itself.

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