KERA 11/04 ♥ sharing my favorites & showing a Mutsumi Coordinate ♥

Hi ♥

I've seen a lot of people blogging about their favorite outfits by Popteen, Ageha & magazines like that.
I'm not really into ths kind of fashion/magazine...but I love the KERA style!!

So why not sharing my favorite KERA outfits with you? ♥

First I'd like to show you Miku (An Cafe)
He's a regular model for KERA and he's doing a good job (most of the time). ♥

This time he's a sexy prostitute~ haha

And omg...a few pages are always filled with amazing fashion photos...


Now showing the outfits I'd love to wear ♥ :

...I would change the shoes tho.

So cute ♥

Dunno whether to eat, marry or hate this girl ♥.

Wonderful version of Alice ♥

Oh btw: This is the girl I'm going to marry. RE:NO. Love her.

Fav #1

Fav #2
The pants!!!!!!

...& now one of my coords, haha:

Quality sucks, had to hurry (>_____<) ♥

It's so hard to take a whole-body snap of yourself (x___X)
[Maybe especially if you're like...178 cm? haha]

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