Comiket / Comic Market - 29th December Tokyo Big Sight - Part V

...another Comiket part, haha ♥
[Yep, I took a whole ton of photos]

Girls or Boys in uniforms...can't resist. It's sexy.

Of course there were a bunch of ONE PIECE Cosplayer too ♥
This Sanji was very cute & charming ♥

Ciel & Sebastian [Kuroshitsuji]
Look at Sebastian!!!
Their mother was so proud, haha~

Another ONE PIECE Cosplay ♥
Sanji & a very cute Chopper !

Amazing guys, haha ♥
They were talking to each other like "oh no...I can't hold up my arm like this anymore, the doll is going to fall.....I swear" & the other guy was like "don't show it...don't show it...keep your face cool...like I do" haha~

There'll be a 6th part as well ♥

Oh and please check out this blog ♥
Samurai Shonan

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