Mutsumi's Cosplays

Well..because some people asked for my own Cosplays...here we go~

To be honest I'm bad at posing for photos...so Cosplay photos of myself are a bit...rare.
And I don't even own photos of every single Cos I did...haha...what a pity.

I've been part of an Anime/Manga showgroup for several years and so I did quite a few Cosplays on stage...like Seth (Yu Gi Oh!), a dancer of GACKT, Tsutomu (Gokinjou Monogatari), Gothic Lolita, male prostitute (Boy's Next Door), Kimono etc....

My first private Cosplay was Teruki (An Cafe)...2005
It looks like...shit, haha.
[Dont even own more than 2 photos...so I can't show you the pants & stockings, sry]

The second Cosplay was Grell (Kuroshitsuji), 2009.

Friends had a hard time recognizing me, haha~
And 2010: Charizard Gijinka [Human version of Charizard] (Pokemon)

...you know what? I don't like red.

Now showing myself in a Keroro Gunsou Kigurumi 2009, it's not a Cosplay but it kinda suits this post:

My next Cosplay will be Jin Kisaragi (Blazblue)

Woohoo! xD

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