Independent Artists ♥ Today: Takuma Nakata

Takuma Nakata


Self description:

I have a dream to built a system which all kids in the world can get related to "Art".
Something like a "Circus".

1989 Born in Shizuoka Japan
1990 Sao paulo Brazil
1995 France
1995 Dakar Senegal
2000 Jakarta Indonesia
2007 Kyoto Japan
2010 Utrecht Netherlands
Next destination...

[currently being in Germany]
Got to know this guy last wednesday at my favorite bar 'Vienna'
It's filled with students, artists, the good kind of business men & every kind of individual people
So it's not very surprising to have a guy like him sitting right next to you, haha~
[Plus it's not hard to join a conversation...it's mostly overfilled with people and you're sitting almost on the lap of the person next to you.]
He was sitting right next to us & fold cranes~ some minutes later he was our teacher, haha.
This way my friends and me were a part of his current work:

"The crane is a japanese symbol of longevity. For this project, Takuma Nakata (JP, Born Digital) is going to use 1000 Paper Cranes.
In Japan the 1000 Paper Cranes is a tradition that, if we make 1000 Paper Cranes for someone who got injured, he or she will live long. 1000 Paper Cranes is also known as a symbol for peace.

On 2011/3/11 the world saw a huge earth quake hit Japan. Tsunami washed away the city and it’s said that more than 20,000 people died. And now, the nuclear power plant is in trouble.
This project sends a cheer to Japan and its people who suffered, lost homes, friends and relatives during the disaster.
Paper Crane contributions come from the participants and audience at B-Seite Festival, showing that a lot of people around the world are worrying, and hoping the situation to get better.
As a result a final video installation, co-created at B-Seite, will show 1000+ projected Paper Cranes collaged from the ceiling using wires."
Credits to B-Seite

Unfortunately I just got my mobile phone with me to take photos...so I'll start with one of his own photos:

Crane ♥ part of the big installment.
[Mine was looking like crap compared to this one]

Now spaming mobile photos:

 The are was a great choice...whether it was with intent or not - good job.

 See the guys sitting around the table? Artists at work - haha
[drinking beer & folding cranes]

Takuma's part:

 Everything was in pink when we entered~
His big crane isn't finished yet, but you can already indicate it ♥

 This thing was amazing ôô 
Visual art can be stunning...you just have to do it the right way.
[pattern changed every few seconds]

 Takuma and the crane-in-progress~
He was way too shy...but I just HAD TO take a photo of him with his work, haha~
I took the photo and had to laugh when I took a second look..."You're looking so shy!"
Takuma: "I AM shy!!"
Haha~ I'm sorry!

 TV's in front of the entrance.
Creepy (amazing).


 Cranes folded by beginners - I tried it a second time, too.

 You can tell that the big bird is made of paper cranes when looking at the details...love the head and tummy ♥

 Fold a Crane - Step by Step ♥

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