KERA 11/05 ♥ sharing my favorites ♥

It's KERA time again
I think I'm going to share my favorites every month from now on~
I don't mind whether you're interested or not, haha ♥
It seems like most of my followers don't mind me being not into Gyaru anyway~

So, let's take a look at the current KERA magazine ♥

Love the cover - and thought there would be some really nice clothes inside this time

Let's start with Miku KERA addict #1

This time he's the white rabbit? Haha, cute

The make up part of this volume is...uhm...well, unneccessary.

Do you really need to know how to do THIS make up?
I don't think so.
Love that picture though ♥ especially their hair.

My favorite coords ♥

I would love to walk around like that ♥ 
(Tho I would pick another pair of shoes)

This is really interesting, too ♥

And this girl looks stunning ♥
wish beige colors would suit me...

Walking trough Tokyo I spotted a lot of people wearing backpacks like this...and I fell in love immediately...
This version by deorart looks cool, but it's not 100% my style.
So...do you guys know where to buy a bag like this?

The May volume disasppointed me....but:

Look at that gorgeous MILK shooting!!!!

I could die for everything she's wearing....wtf....

What a perfect shoot...

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