2010/12/27 Tokyo - JACK IN THE BOX 2010 ♫

Guess I should finally blog about this event, haha.
Well, you guys know I've been to Tokyo in Dec/Jan, right?
I definitely have to share some more memories with you

[MUCC, Girugamesh, 44 Magnum, SID, Larc en Ciel, Administrator and so on...]

It was my first Japanese rock festival...and the first time I've seen Nippon Budokan with my own eyes, too.

The festival started around 1 pm, so we had to leave our apartment early and tried to find our way to Budokan...haha.
Fortunately JACK IN THE BOX is a very popular festival and it was easy to guess who's going to the festival...

..that way these lolita girls just told us to follow them thanks a lot~


Hello Nippon Budokan!
To be honest the fan base in Japan isn't that differently from the base in Germany , haha.

We arrived a little early, so I took photos of some Cosplays ♥
[Mobile phone quality, sorry]

Tatsurou & Yukke ♥ (MUCC)

Tatsurou again ♥

and Girugamesh!! Only Shuu was missing, haha.

All of the girls I asked for photos were really happy and felt honored.
The girugamesh girls even insisted on taking the photo WITH us, so I wasn't allowed to hide...haha.
Just sharing the one with Maxi right now tho ♥ hehe~
They even run after us as soon as we went back to our friends and gave us some candy...too cute ♥

Around 1 pm the doors opened ♥

Our seats weren't too bad ♥ say hi to the kind of empty inside of Budokan~

The concert began 1 hour later...
Holy crap....it's hard to imagine to see the same band you enjoy in Germany together with 500 fans and then you're going to see them in a venue like Budokan....with around 10000 people...
it was just..amazing...and..intense.

JACK IN THE BOX is splitted into 3 parts:
Part 1: Session Bands
Part 2: Single Band performances

You can imagine it like this...
You're buying a ticket for the festival..barely knowing who's going to play, but you do know which bands are with the label Maverick. So at least some of them have to show up, right? Haha
2010 they started with session bands...the displays show a countdown...and then you'll see every member of the following session band seperately. Usually the vocals aren't originally vocals...so it happened that the vocal of 'Session B' was....

Satochi (MUCC), looking like this.
I fell in love with his outfit...he stole everyone's attention, haha.
And his singing & dancing wasn't that bad either!!

Ken (Larc en Ciel) sung Lady Gaga!!!
['Telephone' and 'Bad Romance']
Of course it was a rock version, but...oh wow...it was amazing!!

Even Yukke had to sing....♥

But....someone stole my breath for a second...

I didn't know he was going to be there and...then suddenly his face turned up on every single display, telling us that HE is the vocal of the last session band...!!!!
Hyde entered the stage and my friends just freaked out. Including me.
Hyde...the real one, haha.
I didn't believe he is THAT hot..but..omg...see him performing live and you'll agree....holy....!
He was looking like a fetish model that day...haha...♥

And last but not least:


girugamesh wristlet
girugamesh bag (plastic)
girugamesh bag with chain 
girugamesh calendar 2011

Result: Best J-Rock festival on earth ♥ Definitely need to go again!!

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