My DAY in Odaiba ♥


It's tuesday and I'm feeling sick..therefore I didn't go to work today...urgh.

Well, let's continue with my Japan-Trip report ♥

Today it's:

Guess everyone out there knows the ferris wheel, right?
It's definitely one of Odaiba's trademarks!
I didn't ride it due to my fear of heights tho...~

The main reason for us to go to Odaiba that day was
Venus Fort
I read about it in several blogs and got curious...haha

My friend 'Nora' in front of the shop 'Nora' haha ♥

(Hiroki) Narimiya roll!!!!!!!!!!
Wanted to try it...but...it was way too expensive.

In front of a famous cat café
The entry is way too cute~
I bought a small toy for my cat & some food for Ikebukuro's street cats ♥
They gulped it in an instant, haha ♥

The inside of Venus Fort
Italia right into your face, haha~
But it really looks amazing...the 'sky' in the mall is changing from night to day and vice versa!
At the photo above Jasmin is telling us that we are going to meet up again right at that place at 4 o'clock ♥

Barbie Store!!!

Take a look at the giant Barbie behind the girl on the right~
Can't believe there's a Barbie store with real clothes for real girls / women....

Venus Fort's sky changing...♥

And last but not least:
the famous fountain right in the middle of the mall

There'll be a 2nd Odaiba report, that's why I named this post 'My DAY in Odaiba'
Next post is going to be 'My NIGHT in Odaiba'
Tricky, eh? Haha~

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