KERA 11/06 ♥ sharing my favorites ♥

It's time for KERA

Issue 11/06

Like the cover a lot

aaaand starting with my favorite coords:

Akira wearing a great mix of circus & punk
Take a look at her necklace....a little too much, eh? 
[Love her 'Joker' make up ]

Usually I don't like purple, but these shoes & pants are convincing me
I definitely have to buy pants like that...

The whole outfit!! Amazing

Akira looking hot

Aaaand the monthly Miku spam:

It's amazing how this guy is able to put off so many styles....
...good choice, KERA (°∀°)b

Going on with more coords:

Hah...Akira is definitely killing me..(*´Д`)=з
Love the pants & shoes ラブラブ 

Interesting Geisha versionキラキラ

I want to try this outfit so bad...(T▽T;)
H&M were selling a dress like that some months ago....I was close to buying it, but...
...I'm afraid of horizontal stripes.
Sure they would turn me into a fat monster...(  ̄っ ̄)

Don't have to tell you that I love this girl, right?
This outfit is not so much my style, but it does look amazing.
Especially the shorts + leggings combi.

Another RE:NO coord
Not my style again, but she's hot.

Hmn...another thing I want to try:
Pirate/Tatsuro head band style
...there should be a scarf like that somewhere in my closet.

Akira Circus/Punk style again
Love it

And another Akira coord (・ω・)/
I think this one is even looking feminine, right?
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