♥ Tokyo Disneyland ♥ PART I

Finally going to write about my trip to Tokyo Disneyland in January yAY~
о(ж>▽<)y ☆
It's not really difficult to get to Tokyo Disneyland from Ikebukuro...but it was quite hard to find out how to get a ticket for the 2nd metro, haha.
Well, fortunately we were able to pay the ticket right before leaving the station.

Station → Tokyo Disneyland
Guess the building in the background is a Disney Hotel...?

You can buy Disney merch even without buying a ticket to the actual park - there's a Disney store right in front of the station.
Take a look at this wonderful huge clock in front of the store

Getting closer to the park...
[Some guys were asking us for a photo in front of this gate...haha]

Bought tickets → entered Disneyland

Alice in Wonderland characters playing with kids and moms

The famous castle
Walt Disney and Mickey statue in front

Side roads

Places to drink and/or chill

Jack Sparrow

I didn't want to line up to take a photo with him..so I just took a photo of him with Japanese fans, heh ♥
Went back to Anna and noticed Jack's sight was following us...when suddenly he began to grin and yelled:
"A Pirates' LOVE for you "
, bowed and made all of the Japanese girls being jealous because of us foreign girls, haha~
Thank you Jack

Anna right after Jacks' 'Attack'.

Quite amusing how everyone in Tokyo Disneyland is actually wearing Disney Merchandise...whether it being the eye-catching hats or just a Disney card pretector around their neck...
Can you imagine a stylish boy wearing a pink Minnie hat including bow?
Just enter Tokyo Disneyland...

PART II coming soon

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Ephemeral by Design said...

Lol, thats nice how "Jack" yelled that out to you guys. Good shot of the castle. I have to admit I like Tokyo Disney Sea next door better than Disneyland. Were you able to go there, too? And I know what you mean about everyone wearing the Disney merchandise. Looks like they have sort of been brainwashed