SHIBUYA ♥ Seriously....109 Bargain Days...never again.

Long awaited post:


I was looking forward to take this photo a lot:

Maybe the most popular place of Tokyo - at least for foreigners.
Great coincidence to see a huge KAT-TUN promotion there, yeha ♥

[mobile phone version]

Posing with Hachiko
Unfortunately I didn't get the photo where you can see me with Hachiko...
Well, maybe she's going to send it to me next year, huh?
As long as she got photos of herself in Tokyo it's fine, right?
*mean* (`×´)

Well, one of our first goals was the famous 109.
Went to 109-2 first, got some stuff and had a culture shock in the uppermost floors.
I knew this place was mostly for men aso...but...holy...these floors are a host-style heaven.
Filled with a lot of bling bling, skulls, backcombed hair, tanned skin and contact lenses. Wow.
The COCO LULU store was popping out a lot, haha.
[And their staff was friendly and good-looking]

Right after shaking off the host-glamour we decided to enter 109.
During '7 Days Bargain'.
No words can describe it.
ヽ((◎д◎ ))ゝ

Staff girls shouting in front of Liz Lisa store.
You can imagine it like this...every floor filled with people...can't move like you want to...it's like we weren't even able to walk, we were shuffled.
2-5 staff girls shouting in front of their stores, most of them using mega phones.
I don't want to hear this single word ever again:

To breathe air outside of 109 was like heaven, I swear.

109 kinda wore us out, some of us went straight back to Ikebukuro.
Anna, Shia, Jasmin, Felix & me went to look for a Donki store.
Jasmin couldn't remember the right way and we ended up right in the amusement area of Shibuya.

Love Hotels.

A lot of them.

Nice deco, huh? 
I want to see the rooms, haha~

Even found an amazing store during our Shibuya adventure:
Had to take a photo of their amazing staff
They were unbelievable friendly and kindy explained the way to the next Donki store, haha~

Found you, yeah ♥
Fell in love with Donki stores...and spent a little too much money maybe.

Speaking about spending money, this is what I bought in Shibuya:


COCO LULU bracelet

COCO LULU necklace

COCO LULU hair tie
MÄRPLE button set
[didn't mention every little thing as you may noticed, haha]

Well, this was basically my day in Shibuya.
Went to eat in Shinjuku that night...heh ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

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