People I met in Tokyo....♥

2 weeks aren't long at all - but we experienced quite A LOT.

Today I would like to talk about the gorgeous people I met in Tokyo.
Unfortunately I couldn't meet everyone because of a not properly working mobile...=__= but well yeah...there'll always be a second time, right?

Now starting with the most impressing guy:
We dubbed him 'Kyohei'.
Definitely have to share this story with you....
It was around ... uhm.. maybe 8 pm and we were walking trough the streets next to our apartment.
As I told you here our apartment was quite close to an amusement area, haha.
Well, ufo catcher halls were calling our attention every night and  Anna and me decided to wait at the outside after loosing some money and winning some cute unnecessary stuff.
It's amazing to just watch people passing by and so we did that night - until we noticed a 'punky' blonde guy who was staring at us. I mean...not just staring...it was...unbelievable conspicuous!
He stared and stared and stared and began to grin as he came closer and closer.
Anna and me were already confused until he stood right next to Anna, slightly bumping her shoulder with his. Still smiling like an idiot.
Anna asked him what the hell he is doing...and he just switched sides and bumped my shoulder. Eh....?
His friend began to laugh and was almost dying because he was so embarrassed.
But 'Kyohei' started to pose in front of us, introduced himself as JAPANESE PUNK ROCKER!! and beamed along.
My brain wasn't fast enough to find the right words, but one cell has been working:
Because I wont ever forget that moment...haha.
And so I did. His friend was too shy...but you can see him anyway ♥
They said goodbye with a cute "Mata~!" and went back to the rest of their friends...♥
Guess they were hoping for us to be able to speak some Japanese...unfortunately we didn't, ugh.
Next time we're definitely going to party with them!!!
See you again, 'Kyohei'!! Haha ♥


Guys who hit on us, haha.

Innocent evening at a Purikura hall in Ikebukuro.
Bumped right into a tall good looking guy when leaving the automat.
[They were following us to the outside, you can see them sitting in front of the drink automat]
Again two guys - one acting like the most cool person on planet and the other one shy as hell, acting in the background.
Well, the 'cool guy' spoke to us in fluent english OO.
He was asking some questions, telling us that we're cute and some other flirty stuff...
...guess he wanted to go out with us, he was asking whether we're able to speak Japanese.
No, again.
Next time I'll definitely be able to talk Japanese....! I swear!!

Now a short talk about one of the coolest bars ♥

HUB - British Pub

We basically spent the whole nights of the second week there, haha.
People are very friendly and not aversed of contact with foreigners.
As you may see it was always pretty filled ♥
We got to know quite a lot of people there...whether it was just because of a cute 'HAPPY NEW YEAR ♥♥♥' or asking for a lighter.

One night we got to know two Scotish and one Japanese (but living in America) guy, had fun until the pub closed and went straight to Karaoke until the next morning...

It was our first time to experience Japanese Karaoke and we were glad that the guys who went with us were fluent.
[Brian, Neo & Ken]
I bet one of them, Brian, is a famous musician...haha.
He was singing and dancing and acting like a professional...I swear.
Went home at about 6 or 7 am...wtf.
But it was worth it ♥ Those 3 guys were really interesting.

Another wonderful person I met was Sayaka, my penpal ♥.
We met in Akihabara because we're both very interested in Anime aso, haha ♥.
I've been talking about her before, as you can see in my post about the Maid Café and Akihabara in common.

....I've been looking like crap that day. 
And Tung is looking like a cute little girl, haha ♥.

Guess everyone out there who has been to Tokyo before knows that sleep is something you'll definitely lack.
Same here.
I've never been so outgoing in 2 weeks.
Part of us spent their last 3 nights with 2 very amusing Japanese guys.
Hide and Ryuichi.

The photo was taken in the morning...guess everyone was really tired.
Especially me.

And last but not least:


Amazing guy, haha.

To people in Tokyo:
Take a look at the Crazy Crepes' in Ikebukuro, close to Sunshine City.
You'll probably notice my photo somewhere ♥.

Great memories....♥
Looking forward to the next time ♥

Have a nice weekend everyone

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