Hanami 2011 - Cosplay #2

Here we go:

Hanami 2011 - Cosplay #2

PS: I'm glad you guys like western Cosplays, too thanks for sharing your opinion

Alois!! [Kuroshitsuji]
One of the best Anime characters EVER.
And I loved this girl's make up.

[visual kei]

Good-looking friends

Pretty Cure!

Gothic Lolita ~
[2 of them Mana inspired]

Sweet & Country Lolita I guess

..poor dirty costume (;____;)

..and Hentai action!!

Aaah~ I already miss the feeling you get at Con's...weird people everywhere and almost all the stuff you like right into your face...

Next German Anime Convention I'm attending:

Connichi, 16th to 18th September
[It's my favorite convention (*_____*), I'm a visitor since 2003 haha]

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