Books, Beauty & Alpaca ♥

I guess everyone out there already knows and loves these cute alpacas:

I got mine (including a wonderful colored foxtail ) at Sami's
  Go get your own, too

Furthermore I ordered some Japanese cosmetic products via Alpha Beauty (ebay store):

Kose Selecty Princess Quick Oil Blotting Paper 160pcs  

Received my first oil blotting papers by a penpal and started to like them a lot~

Bison Bakkanto White & Volcano Clay Bath Salt

"This is a special series of bath salt with concept that, a hot bath treatment makes you sweating, helps reduce fat and with skincare benefit. The carbonated granules generate bubbles & sound from water like some kinds of happy music, give you a great bathing experience and enjoyment."

Looking forward to try them a lot!!

LUX Super Rich Shine Shampoo & Conditioner
Bought the test version because I really want to know how my hair reacts to this sort of LUX shampoo...
My hair tends to get oily pretty fast so I'm careful with 'Shine' products.

Canmake MakeMeHappy Hair Essence Oil Peach

"A super trendy hair essence oil especially good for hair ends and colored / permed hairs, with treatment performance, hair conditioning, and against dryness, available in different fragrances."

Looking forward to try this as well!
I own a lot of hair care products due to my super damaged hair...so there'll be enough products to compare with, haha.

LUX Black Diamond Series Super Damage Repair Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment Bonus

Aaah finally LUX Super Damage Repair again
I tried this shampoo last year (or 2 years ago..?) and instantly fell in love.
The smell, the effect, the look...everything.

Anyone interested in Reviews?

Now onto the books:

I finally started to learn Japanese some weeks ago, YAY!
First I started to learn how to write and read Hiragana + Katakana.
After completing this lesson I moved on to this book:
"Konnichiwa Japan! ドイツからこんにちは!" by Keiko Oshima-Gerisch
I'm currentlly at Lesson 2 and I like the book so far.
Can't wait to learn more...

Another book I recently ordered:

"Freakshow" by James St. James

Ordered it via Amazon.com...seller stated it's "used" but "in a good condition".

Erm....good condition? What? ( ̄へ  ̄ 凸
This is definitely NOT what I call "in a good condition".

"WITHDRAWN - Howard County Library"
So this is what I bought:
An old, damaged, withdrawn, american library book.
I didn't pay much, but....it's quite annoying.
I don't like my books to be in such a horrid condition...this is breaking my book heart.

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sαchie said...

Ooh Alpacas! So cute <3
and those bison bath salts are really nice!!